Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lilium Tower in Warsaw

Zaha Hadid was recently chosen in a contest held by Lilium, an Israeli company, wich owns the Marriott LIM-Centre complex in the capital of Poland, to build a tower of 250 meters in the city of Warsaw.

The tower design is light and transparent but with a strong sense of identity and character. The tower will complement the Palace of Culture and other towers nearby, creating their own profile within the new group of tall buildings that are made in the city.

The tower has an area of 130,000 m2 and will consist of a residential complex and a luxury hotel. Among the services that will include are: a spa area, restaurant and a small store located in the basement, an area where parking is also placed.

The construction of the tower is planned for completion in 2012 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The City of Culture in Galicia

The City of Culture is a new cultural center for the province of Galicia in northwestern Spain, designed by Eisenman Architects. Its design was developed from the superposition of three sets of information.

First, the street layout of the medieval center of Santiago is superimposed on a topographic map of the site overlooking the city. Second, a modern Cartesian grid is placed over these medieval routes.
Third, through modeling software, the topography of the slope allows distorting the two flat geometries, thus generating a topological surface that repositions the old and new in a simultaneous matrix never seen before.
The original center of Santiago is set to a urban planning figure / ground where the buildings are figurative or solid and the streets are residual or voids.
Through this mapping operation, the project appears as a curved surface that is neither figure nor ground but both in a form of land and a figurative substitute for urban shape of figure and ground of the old city.
The 6 project buildings are conceived as pairs t3: the Museum of Galicia and International Art Center, the Center for Music and Performing Arts and the Head Office building and the Library and Archives of Galicia Galicia.
The experiences of visitors to any building will be affected by their relationship with their immediate partner. Roads or pedestrian streets between the buildings, also open to a public square, surrounded by 6 buildings, landscape features and elements of water.
The largest building is the Performing Arts Theater, which will keep 42.5m high.